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11th Doctor - Coming to our TV screens in 2010!
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A COMMUNITY FOR ELEVENTH ENTHUSIASTS (the Doctor, not the number (though we like that too))
If you've stumbled upon this community and have not already been spoiled for the casting of the Eleventh Doctor - well one of us is to be commended, I suppose. If you're trying your hardest to remain ignorant of this information, leave now.

1. As of now, this community does not consider Matt Smith's casting as the 11th Doctor a spoiler. If any companions, or episode plots/monsters/villians/settings/etc. are announced before the series begins, they will be considered spoilers, and unless there's an overwhelming majority saying otherwise, these will need to be behind a cut.

***at the moment, the details for the specials coming up this year, and the 2009 Christmas special are considered spoilers (though speculation on them is fine, especially if it relates to the Eleventh!). ***

2. Icons, banners, wallpapers, pics and etc. are all welcome, but if you've got a large batch, or large images, please use discretion and place them behind a cut (preview images of a reasonable size and number are permitted.

3. Fan fiction is most definitely welcome! Please post with an appropriate header showing at least the characters or parings involved, the rating, and any warnings (including spoiler warnings). You may also like to post it to elevenfic, the Eleventh Doctor's fic comm!

4. Be courteous and open minded to the views and opinions of other members. Don't judge anyone on what they believe (fandom related or otherwise), and don't attack any fellow members in this comm.

5. Although this community is all for Matt Smith's role as the Doctor, if you have anything that discusses why you don't think he's right for the role (discussions, essays, etc.), or any such thing, if it's well founded and not a post of "he's so BLAH and I hate his BLAH plus he's not as hot as David Tennant!", then you may consider posting it here.


On the 3rd of January 2008 it was announced that Matt Smith would hop into the boots of the departing David Tennant (not literally of course - we do not yet know the footwear of the next Doctor), and in 2010 would arrive in our lives - or more accurately, our telly screens - as the Eleventh Doctor.

Matt Smith has some loose connections to the Doctor Who universe already, dontcha know? Playing alongside Billie Piper in the two Sally Lockhart mysteries, The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North, as well as starring alongside her in an episode of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl! He has had a number of roles on television and the stage, as well as some film work, and in 2009 will begin filming for the fifth series of Doctor Who, due for broadcast in 2010.

Created by jb_wolfsies, an antipodean/fangirl hybrid on the 4th of Janurary her time (due to the sometimes unfortunate time difference between her and the mother country), at around 8 in the morning, because she was silly and stayed up all night awaiting the news (and typing "what's the time in london" into google and continually refreshing the page), and suddenly felt a great need to fill her time with a sudden influx of Matt Smith.

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